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O temor do SENHOR é limpo e permanece eternamente; os juízos do SENHOR são verdadeiros e justos juntamente.  Psalm 19:9

It is impossible to live well without the fear of God in our hearts and before our eyes, for in our walk the devil will bring us the worst temptations. Whoever disrespects the Lord will also disrespect the home of others and the unconditional agreement of faithfulness and care made with the spouse. Therefore, never let anything take you from the word set before the Lord.

The problem is not their spouse’s disloyalty, but their commitment to the Omnipotent, because the Scriptures say: If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself (2 Tim. 2:13). Given this statement, how can we proceed differently? Now, if the other party lacks reciprocity, we have the right to accept her decision, but even then we should pray that she will repent and forsake the path of eternal perdition.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom (9:10). Then he who is governed by this foundation will never give in to the enemy’s offerings, however undeniable they may seem. No temptation is true, but a bond used to hold the unwary and irresponsible in the faith. It is not worth believing in the evil one!

Those who do not have the fear of the Lord become disoriented and live dominated by difficulties. Therefore, in choosing the spouse, he despises what the Lord shows him and sees what the adversary wants. Then, over the years, he regrets his decision, but, out of sight from on high, ends up in other adventures. This complicates your life for eternity. Lack of wisdom is murderous.

Each has special talents that need to be discovered and used, as they will provide satisfaction and contribute to improving the lives of others. The person who does not respect the Lord decides to be and do what will give him a better income. However, when help is requested, it will fail, as it has not developed the gifts to provide help.

By straying from evil, you frustrate the evil plan because it is no longer used to fulfill any destructive project. Also, it becomes a blessing to others as they develop their skills. He who fears God turns away from evil, even unconsciously, for the Lord touches his heart not to follow the devilish direction.

To depart from evil demonstrates intelligence, and to fall into it is the height of stupidity. One day we will meet before the tribunal of eternity to be accountable for what we have done or failed to do with the opportunities given by the Lord, or with temptations. So what will you say? Pray to God now and start your life again!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God! It is rewarding to seek Thy fear and to be an instrument in Thy hands. We ask mercy for those who are led by Satan and his demons. Now how will they answer before Thy holy and perfect court?

Look at this bewildered person with his past dealings: disrespect, lies, betrayal, and other attitudes that would never come from You, but from the enemy. See the tears that also roll in her heart and soul.

Many have been puppets of the evil one. Therefore, before You, we pray for them and ask for mercy. May they repent and receive Your love, which can bring them out of the destiny of permanent suffering. Save them all, Lord!


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