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And he did evil in the sight of the Lord, but not as the kings of Israel who were before him.  2 Kings 17:2

This verse talks about how King Hoshea felt concerning all the wrong things his predecessors done, and his great effort to not be as bad as them.  However, the leader did not know that to improve just a little was insufficient.  Regardless of the size of the error – little or small – if one does not repent and confess to God and to any who  have suffered losses or dishonor, the transgressor will be condemned on the great Day.

Little progress does not solve anything because the sin still remains.  One fault against the laws of God is sufficient to place the sinner in the hands of the devil. When  the Day of accounting arrives, those who are withdrawn from the Truth will face the Righteous Judge in Court.  At that moment, the person that rejected salvation will discover that nothing more can be done to receive the mercy or kindness of  the Lord. There will no forgiveness. The ones who neglect God’s gift will be neglected! 

Hoshea’s predecessors, beginning with Jeroboham, who committed sedition in the house of David, were terrible.  Judgment overcame them for having practiced the customs of other nations.  There was practically no head of the kingdom of the North who lived correctly in the sight of the Most High.  Some were so daring in their sin, that they behaved just like the wicked kings.  Mercy!

Be careful not to be led into sinful practices, because in the end you will see that your mistake delivered you into the hands of the evil one.  The Bible warns that the sin that is committed here, although it may remain hidden during your entire life, will be revealed at the Day of Judgment (Revelation 20:11,12).  The saved who turns back into temptation behaves like a fool.  Mend your ways while there is time!

When you have a feeling that temptation is approaching, be watchful and pray.  Do everything you can in order not to sin, for it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God (Hebrews 10:31). The best is to live through life without committing any transgression.  If you are in the presence of the Lord, the devil has no way to accuse you of anything.  Those who do not live within the parameters established by the Most High will be punished.  Repent!

In the nation born from Jeroboham’s rebellion, various kings did what was not acceptable before the eyes of the Lord.  Due to this, many problems and sufferings abounded.  Behind every temptation, there is a devil who wants to be the lord of that life.  As you comply to his bidding immediately he becomes your oppressor.  From then on, all things are drastically complicated.  Why does anyone leave peace and security behind and enter the world of pain and misery?  Can this be understood?

It is best to remain in God and never submit to any kind of deception.  Certainly, Hoshea felt he should confess and make things right, but he made no effort in this endeavor.  One of the problems of those who sin, is to consider that the sin was minor and would not be taken into account, and withdraws from the heavenly Father. 

In  Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Just and faithful God! We cannot err like the kingdom of Samaria.  We must stay firm in our faith and Your goodness, claiming our rights.  Therefore we will never be abandoned or defeated.  We desire to do what is good in Your sight!

We will not turn our backs on You; otherwise it would be our demise.  We were called to be Yours and we do not forfeit this blessing.  If we have to suffer for the testimony of Jesus, You will hold us up in our tribulation and will truly bless us.  

We do not want to be a little better than those who err, but we want to be as You ordained that we should be.  We need Your help and Your love. Help us to fulfill Your words completely.  Thank You for sustaining us!


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