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Our soul has escaped as a bird from the snare of the fowlers; The snare is broken, and we have escaped.. Psalm 124:7

After the fall of Adam, humanity came under the devil’s lordship. The demons began to act in this world as if they owned everything. They led people to create sources of worship and to seek a truth that would never lead them to God. The only way for man to obtain relief would be the Law of Moses, but it was known only in Israel. However, even among Jacob’s descendants, no one was able to keep the commandments.

Evil spirits set traps to trap people who venture into easy pleasure, illicit enrichment and other offerings. This way of acting, creating traps, is similar to that of the birds. When it seemed that Satan’s oppressive system would be endless, God began his call with Abraham, from Ur of the Chaldeans. The process was long, since the coming of the Savior, who would rescue us from the fall, needed to be prepared.

Now, we just have to preach the Good News, showing that Jesus broke the enemy’s ability to deceive us. By knowing what was done on Calvary, anyone can abandon the practices that keep them tied to the evil bonds. Therefore, however immersed in mistakes someone is, he will be free to hear the voice of the Lord.

The truth is that our soul has escaped. Man was given power to leave the kingdom of evil. The apostle Paul said that God, ignoring the time of ignorance, announces to everyone that they repent (Acts 17.30). We must preach this message to people. Whoever accepts it will be saved. If demons have some, we have the power to cast them out and forbid them to return.

After dying on the cross and being buried, Jesus went down to Hell and fought with the devil, taking from him the keys of death and Hell (Rev. 1.18). Then he was resurrected and took captivity captive (Eph 4.8). Today, anyone who hears the Gospel message and believes in it understands that he is no longer a subject of Satan and can live in newness of life. Hallelujah!

The escape for man is to resist the devil and never obey him. Even if he tries, he will not be able to keep us imprisoned, because Jesus broke the bonds of the birds. Regardless of what holds you to Satan, you are free by the Lord. One of the Master’s statements that no one should forget is: If, therefore, the Son truly sets you free, you will be free (Jn 8.36).

The end of captivity came more than two thousand years ago. Humanity has escaped the prison of darkness. Now, people must hear the Word and believe it, because the oppressed will be set free. Christ guarantees: And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free (Jn 8.32).

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh Lord! Humanity has always waited for Your coming. You overcame the devil and you were quickened. So, we were also in You. It was true when you said that everything was finished. We are free!

The quickening of humanity made her escape from captivity, as the bird escapes from the bird's snare. Nothing binds us to the tempter anymore. We have to go around the world and announce the Truth to the oppressed!

The bond was broken, and we escaped. We owe this news to all societies in the world. Man no longer needs to hide from You, but to present himself to You. Thus, liberation will be a reality. I am grateful for Your work that set us free!


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