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We have acted very corruptly against You, and have not kept the commandments, the statutes, nor the ordinances which You commanded Your servant Moses. Nehemiah 1:7

We know that the devil tempts everyone on Earth. This happened even with Jesus, but the temptations could not take Him out of the Father’s hands. The same thing happens to us, so let us never forget to check if we are firm in the faith. Otherwise, when we least expect it, the evil one will offer us everything to make us fall into his cunning snares. The saved only fall because they forget that Jesus promised to give them escape every time the enemy attacks them (1 Corinthians 10:13). Be alert!

The Israelites erred when they did not drive out all the nations that occupied Canaan (Joshua 13:13). The Lord’s commands must be carried out in full, for He knows what Satan is capable of. Nothing of the anathema can be found in our hands. Beware of erotic movie channels! If you don’t keep a constant watch on this, you will also think there is nothing wrong in watching this content. Many say: “We are adults and we can take care of ourselves. However, when the house falls down, there is pain and other suffering. Pray!

The Most High spoke about the evil things in the time of the Law: Nor shall you bring an abomination into your house, lest you be doomed to destruction like it. You shall utterly detest it and utterly abhor it, for it is an accursed thing (Deuteronomy 7:26). When we disregard divine guidance, we are one step away from committing a transgression. Then, no matter how much we desire the blessing, if there is anathema on our hands, we will be prevented from acting correctly. Be careful!

When a Christian lies, he sins against the Truth, which is Jesus. By watching a movie with lascivious appeal, full of lust and any sexual aberration, he corrupts himself against God. Nehemiah declared that everyone had become corrupt, and this was the Israelites’ mistake. This servant of the Lord understood that such sin, along with others, led them into captivity in Babylon. Does this bring a curse upon us? Be holy!

King Artaxerxes’ cupbearer would soon be one of the most important people among his own, because he would lead the restoration of the walls of Jerusalem and lead his people back to their homeland. Now, those who do not keep the commandments are no longer intelligent people among the saved (Deuteronomy 4:6). A simple error can lead you to complications. Far from communion with the Most High, we are in trouble. Cry out!

Statutes are sets of rules that guide us in the Kingdom of God. In civil life, they have the power of law, and those who break them suffer the kind of penalty specified therein. There are the Statutes of the Elderly, of Children and Adolescents, among others. Keeping the Lord’s laws will make you someone of great importance to others, and everything in your life will go well. God blesses those who choose to obey Him.

Judgments are decisions made by the Lord. For example, to obtain our full salvation, Jesus suffered our sicknesses and granted the forgiveness of sins. Therefore, you only need to act by faith, claiming your blessing, without making a deal with the devil. What is yours does not need the intercession of others for God to give it to you. In fact, He has already done it on behalf of those who believe: All things are yours (1 Corinthians 3:21b).

In Christ, with love

R. R. Soares

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God of forgiveness and justice! Today we live in the law of liberty, so we don't have to despair for having fallen into sin, but go to You, confess it, and live in a holy and true way. Only then will we please You!

We are already born corrupted by Adam's sin. However, when we feel that we have done wrong, we have the opportunity to seek You in sincere prayer, report our mistakes and be forgiven. We can change our lives now. Accept our confession, Father!

We are sorry for hurting You by practicing that which You have condemned. We have erred in words, thoughts and deeds, but believing in the blood of Jesus, shed on our behalf, we ask You to deliver us from all condemnation, Father! Amen!


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