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For everyone who partakes only of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness, for he is a babe. Hebrews 5:13

The Almighty does not accept anyone who is late in development of faith; however, whoever is not tuned to the matters of God will not be able to improve their knowledge of Him. This way, just like those who had little opportunity to study and to grow in life, this person will not progress in their walk with Christ.  On the other hand, those that meditate on the Scriptures and apply themselves to their learning, certainly will stand out and enjoy much better conditions.

Incredible as it may seem, faith in Jesus is not greater in those that studied in universities, because the Word is discerned spiritually.  Therefore, even those that never went to any school can become doctors in faith.  It is only necessary and sufficient to learn the lessons of the Holy Spirit contained in the Scriptures.  The divine plan is revealed to those who learn those lessons and practice them.  The reprobates do not please God.

The founding principles of the doctrine of Christ are sound, but to be mature, the saved must be dedicated to doing the divine will.  Otherwise his learning will not produce any effect.  Jesus said: It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing (John 6:63). When the revelation from God falls into a good heart, that persons produces and reaps greatly at 30, 60 even 100 to one (Mark 4).  What a harvest!

It is wonderful to know that Jesus heals, saves, and baptizes with the Holy spirit, but this does not assure success in battles, because depending on the temptation, you need to have a specific attitude.  He who becomes wise in biblical revelations masters a complete vision of the purpose of the Lord.  This way, with a simple prayer, he can undo the plans of the devil. This way, he soon becomes a victor in battles that are waged in his life or in favor of others.

The “young” in faith need “milk” – simple messages, that speak of the marvelous acts of God in favor of those in need.  They bring strong and special orientation, which change the lives of those who listen.  For this reason, those that desire to solves their problems and please the Almighty with their decisions should meditate on the Bible, in order to not be deceived by the master of devils.

Why is it that many after spending many years seeking a formal academic education, do not want to dedicate time to the Word of God? The Bible, we must agree was written by the most intelligent Being, the Lord, which created all things and brought them to be from nothing.  Those who learn the revelations of the heavenly Father become victors in any situation.  Grand doctors!

Seek to mature in faith and you will not be fooled by Satan.  With wisdom from Above working in your heart, you will be dedicated to the method prescribed by the Lord, and victory will be yours.  The wise will never be fooled or defeated by the enemy.  What will you do?

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Wise God and high Master!  There are people who live very poorly, because they don’t want to put forth the effort to seek in You the knowledge for obtaining success in any circumstance.

We spend a great deal of time “wasting time”, not knowing what to do nor how to face our challenges and trials.  We need You so that the forces of evil do not defeat us.  Help us always!

We learned the first elements of Truth, but we want to grow and learn everything concerning Your will, as well as what to do using Your ability and Your love.  We love You and need Your presence.


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