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And now, little children, abide in Him, that when He appears, we may have confidence and not be ashamed before Him at His coming. 1 John 2:28

The saved – sons and daughters of God – must strive to keep this position, for there is no alternative to eternal joy.  If we do not remain in Christ, we will be like dry branches torn from a tree, which will be thrown into the fire (John 15:6). Certainly nobody desires this terrible end.  This will not happen by the fact of our believing or not that it will not occur, but by our obedience to the biblical commands.

To obtain and secure our daily joy and on Judgment Day, which will guarantee us eternity filled with blessings and contentment, it is not sufficient just to pray and want to get to Heaven.  Jesus said that many would protest on that Day, complaining about unfairness for being left out. After all, they had cast out demons, worked wonders and prophesied in His Name (Matthew 7:22,23), but none of this would justify their changes of heart and other errors.  Only those whose garments are clean will ascend with the Lord!

The secret is to persevere in the Lord, believing in what we heard and resisting the attacks from Hell.  There are wonderful promises if we remain in the Father and allow His words to remain in us (John 15:7). Proceeding in this manner there will be unlimited victories which we will need and were promised to us.  Faith in Christ will never abandon the servant of the Most High.  If it has left you already, seek the mercies of God.

The day is coming and is near when Jesus will come on the clouds to put an end to the damage caused by Satan on this planet.  Then we will enter the Kingdom prepared for the saved since the foundation of the world (Matthews 25:34). Establish your life on biblical principles so that you will be among the saved.  Don’t let the devil overrule your desires, your thoughts and your will, so that you will not be censored and kept from entering Heaven. 

The Bible promises that on the return of Christ, many who call themselves Christians will despair, because they will not ascend with Him.  The blame for this panic lies with the lack of faith that always deceived them.   Those who trust Christ know that He takes pleasure in fulfilling His promises. What the devil offers today is the destruction of your eternal well-being; therefore, stay firm in the fear of God until the return of the Lord.  Don’t be a fool!

Many will be confounded for having let Satan convince them that God never knew what they did behind his back.  So it will also be with those who obey the devil, establishing “modern churches” for the rebels, which committed other sins, believing that the ends justified the means.  We cannot do anything more or anything less than that which has been determined by the Almighty.

Examine yourself now and if you see that something prevents your entry to the heavenly Kingdom, straighten yourself out in order to be admitted to the Home of the Omnipotent.  Lose what you have to lose but do not give in to the devil. Keep yourself pure and clean for the Day of Judgment (Romans 14:12).

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Father!  As we walk in Your presence, we are safe.  We do not want to leave what is prescribed, so that we are not disqualified.  To this end, our soul cries out for Your examination and for Your mercy.  Help us to obey You.

You are busy and committed to the work that bears Your Name.  Then guide us so we do not leave Your Word and do not suffer any loss.  Place Your hand over our lives and lead us to do only that which pleases You and glorifies You.

We want to remain in Jesus and walk in sober holiness.  When He returns to get us, nothing evil must testify against us and our hearts will be confident in the fact that we will enter into Your rest.  Halleluiah!


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