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11/01/2017 - WEARY OF MY LIFE

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My soul loathes my life; I will give free course to my complaint, I will speak in the bitterness of my soul. Job 10.1

A slight negligence took Job to extreme poverty.  He lost his material possessions, his children, his health and even almost lost his salvation.  Let us examine what happened to this patriarch so that should we be attacked by any force of evil we will recognize when and how we were neglectful. This way no curse will be confirmed over us.  It might be that this torment didn’t arise due to some offense we may have committed to someone else, but yes because we allowed wrong thinking into our minds.

Not knowing the motive for being in the hands of the enemy, Job thought that God punished him without reason even blaming Him for the misfortune incurred.  The Almighty being good and wise, He desired to rid us of sins, since today He is our Lawyer that struggles for us to mend with Him before we leave.  Don’t be reluctant to open your lives to God, telling all truth and confessing all error.

Most likely no other human suffered as much as Job.  Even though he had no explanation for his misfortunes he fought for them to be cancelled in his life, fighting with all his might to free himself from that oppression.  Now if you are under some malignant attack, do not skimp or waist the revelations of the Word for with and through them, you learn the cause of such trial and in so doing will understand how to be freed from it completely.  God loves you.

In his declaration Job spoke of three things.  As he knew not that the problem was in him, he thought that the Lord punished him unjustly.  Often we act in the same manner, as we talk without reflecting and even blame the Father for what we suffer. We don’t even pray asking to be revealed, the true motive for such adversity having befallen us.  It is important to seek the cause of what overcomes us and to know how to escape the situation.  

Job affirmed that his soul was weary of his life.  This sort of attitude withdraws us from God’s presence.  Just serve Him with joy (Psalm 100:2) and even though everything is falling apart around you, don’t let your soul be weary of your life.  In any circumstance don’t let the enemy take over what you have that is most precious: your faith in Christ.

Job decided to allow his grievance free reign.  It was as if he had said that it was like a small vessel taken by the currents to see where it would end up.  Choose carefully your words, even during prayer, so that you don’t say what you shouldn’t and ruin yourself for eternity.  Ask God to place an angel at the door of your mouth, so that you are careful not to say anything that would place you in the hands of the devil. (Psalm 141:3)

Finally the patriarch declared that he would speak in the bitterness of his soul.  You should never do this, for it is by your word that you will be condemned or be justified (Matthew 12:37).  You should only speak of the joy that the Holy Spirit concedes to you and also of what is in accordance with the Scriptures.  Therefore exalt the Almighty and do not grumble, even during prayer. 

In Christ, with love, 

R. R. Soares

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Oh god! Just like Job, we don’t always become aware of an improper attitude that leads us to lose everything and to suffer great affliction. 

With this, his soul grew weary of his own life and could not connect with You to get the answers.  But upon reflecting introspectively he saw the error and mended his ways.

Our life cannot be lived like a small vessel out of control drawn by currents.  We must take control of our history and put an end to our suffering.  That Your hand may guide us to live close to You for You alone are our God!


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