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Now when Jesus had come into Peter’s house, He saw his wife’s mother lying sick with a fever Matthew 8:14

Oftentimes, we are surprised by bad events in our homes and, taken by surprise; we do not believe such are true. Why are we not kept safe as the Word promises? Why don’t we notice the first actions of the devil in our family, and later, when we become aware of the event, we are overcome by sorrow, pain, and disappointment? Why doesn´t God´s glory give us complete protection?

That day had been one of countless blessings. In the synagogue, a certain man who had been possessed by an unclean spirit confronted Jesus with well-reasoned arguments, but completely wrong about the Truth. However, after the man defended the devil, Christ cast out the devil from that poor man with a simple but powerful command. That should happen in our services! We need the Lord’s help!

As He entered Peter’s house, the Lord´s attention soon turned to the apostle’s mother-in-law, for she had a high fever. When talking about that lady’s situation, people probably asked Him to pray for her. Perhaps there are many things in our home for God to see.  Then, when He speaks to us about them, we can plead for His help, and He will give us full blessing. In these days of suffering, divine help is indispensable.

We must thank the Father for the salvation provided by Jesus at Calvary. Now, as we are delivered from the forces of evil, He will teach us to obtain the blessings included in the work, for we do not want to lose any. Our redemption is real and very important for our household, including descendants and relatives – sons-in-law and daughters-in-law. 

While the Savior cannot enter your home, He will not see who is suffering there. However, when He is invited and well received, you will notice the work He will do in your home. See who does not have a living and complete faith in the Son of God and pray for these people. Besides praying, surround them with love and warnings so that they remain in the divine presence. The Lord will lead you!

When the Most High sees the problem, you can glorify Him, because He has provided the solution. The demon loses the battle when the Word touches someone. The enemy simply cannot remain in a life if this person invites the Lord to dwell in their heart and do His work. Be wise and forsake the sins. Your time of fulfillment in the faith in Christ has come. With Him, there is a solution!

As of now, you are aware of what the Savior wants and will do in your life. Your participation must be significant; after all, if you do not believe, nothing will be accomplished. But if you carry out your duty – putting the commandments into practice -you will prove to love God and therefore He will love you just as Jesus who will manifest Himself to you (John 14:21). Be the person planned by the Almighty and live victoriously in Christ.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! It is so rewarding to know that You are willing to visit our home, not to receive gifts from our hands, for these should be given to the church and the needy, but to fill us with wisdom and heal our pains.

Come into our lives; see what is not good and what the enemy is doing to get us out of Your hands. Give the solution for every bad situation. Your love will do for us what is necessary. That's why we love You!

Only You can see inside our life - the frustrations and disappointments that accompany us - and free us from all corruption and deception. Thank You for taking care of our family, telling us about what we have not seen. Amen!


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