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So the Jews answered and said to Him, “What sign do You show to us, since You do these things?” John 2.18

The human being is avid for showing of signs and for this reason he misses out on the best of God.  To witness the acts of the Lord, he must believe in what He says to his heart through the Word.  However, how will the people believe if there is no one to preach? When the pulpits are used for any motive except to preach the divine will as revealed in the Scriptures, God doesn’t perform His will in favor of those who need deliverance. 

The Jews were the chosen people of the Lord but with the passing of time, they departed from the Almighty and worshipped or believed in other gods, not knowing that they displeased Him. What God needs in order to intercede in behalf of any person is a heart full of faith which happens when the person gives ear to the Word (Romans 10:17). Then, when the path is opened for the Lord to act, we witness all sorts of wonders.

When Jesus improvised a whip out of strips of rope and expelled those who were turning a house of prayer into a den of merchants, the Jews were upset and went to Him asking what signs He would show to be able to do such a things.  How absurd!  Man should not doubt or question God himself who is perfect and loving at the same time.  The human being is full of lies, and this is why he always lives full of problems.  Even many who call themselves believers do not behave righteously.

People like to see miracles but when the Almighty does things, very few convert themselves.  Honestly in truth, with the Lord’s doings, they can see the error that they commit but they do not want to convert.  Hence they seek for signals to accept what they have witnessed and lose the opportunity to make right with Him and correct their eternal destiny.  Nothing that they seek will be given, except to those who believe in the teachings in  the Scriptures. 

If you want to see God move in your favor, don’t seek for signs, but make efforts to learn what He says concerning the blessing which you want.  Faith that is able to make the Lord deliver what you desire comes when you pay attention to the Word.  The formula to obtain faith is simple and easy to learn: read the Bible carefully. When a verse stands out to call your attention, meditate on it until you understand that message.

The Almighty always knows what He does.  If he is promoting a general spring cleaning in you, cooperate with Him.  Certainly, God will supply your every need in sequence.  Repentance must be evident in your life.  When you feel you have transgressed, confess the sin to the Lord and ask for forgiveness.  When the Lord shows you something wrong, He is preparing you to receive great things.  Do you believe?

Never doubt or question the Lord when He is convicting you of sin, judgment and righteousness, because He is demonstrating proof of His love for you.  Every child is reprimanded by the father, but the bastard is left to his own ways.  Live in communion with the Heavenly Father, so He can rescue you promptly.  Tell Him everything that happens in your life.

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Father!  We cannot err like the Jews, who were indignant to see Jesus expelling the money changers and merchants who were transforming Your house of worship in a business park.  Your house is for Your blessings.  Teach us to serve You well!

We do not want signs to believe, but believe in order to see Your signs.  The Jews had seen many of them, like the healing of the blind, deaf, lame and other sick.  But what they asked Your Son was a poor excuse so that You would stop working.

Our home must be consecrated to Your service, so that You may bless us as you did others in the past.  Then, we will be satisfied with Your purpose and live decently.  Thank You for answering us!


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