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24/09/2021 - WHAT THE LORD IS FOR US

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The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall, I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27.1

One of God’s servants who impresses me the most is David, the son of a small farmer in Israel. His perception of who God is makes me dumbfounded. Even living in precarious conditions, three thousand years ago and without the means of information of today, what he knew about the One who created us in His image and likeness – made him leave behind the life of a sheepherder to be king (2 Samuel 7.8).

The teachings heard by David in the tabernacle, when the Law of Moses was read, opened his mind about many things, especially the Creator’s plans for him. This young man’s attention to the Lord’s statements was the key to the revelations that promoted him before the young Israelites. The same thing can happen in all generations, for whoever listens to God’s Word – will be His desired.

David declared that the Lord was his light. There is nothing better than knowing this truth and taking hold of it. The individual who understands who the Most High is stands out from the rest. This light caused David to be found by Samuel, when seven brothers preceded him (1 Samuel 16.1-13). He was accepted in those days, although he was the eighth son, who would only be entitled to the reign if his predecessors died. Faith changes everything!

Surely, this understanding made David equate the problems, and also made him see victory, when he encountered Goliath provoking the army of Israel. The boy soon came forward to fight and defeat the giant. Faith assured him that the uncircumcised man, who had confronted the people of the living God, would lose the battle, and so it happened (read 1 Samuel 17). Hallelujah!

David knew that the Lord was his salvation, well before the clash with Goliath, for he had been challenged by a lion and then by a bear, who tried to snatch a sheep entrusted to his shepherding (1 Samuel 17.34,35). On such occasions, both the lion and the bear died, because they interfered with the work of a servant of God. He believed that the Almighty would save him too – from that Philistine enemy (1 Samuel 17.36)! 

Such boldness! David’s philosophy of life was summed up in this: with God as his light and salvation, whom should he fear? The world would be grateful if the missionaries, who go to the most distant and dangerous places to speak about Jesus, would forsake all the advice of man, and put their faith in Christ! No doubt they would show, in the lands where there is oppression, that the Lord is still the same Savior (Hebrews 13.8). What a blessing!

By examining himself, Jesse´s son knew that he was someone just like the others, but because he knew the Word – he declared the Lord as the strength of his life. Christians must live without letting the devil invest against the divine plans, so that the Kingdom of God can be established on Earth. It is time to truly believe in Jesus!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God and Father! We also consider You as our Light, our Good Shepherd, and the One who leads us in triumph. What we have heard from You - helps us to live to please and serve You. We don’t give up being guided by Your good Holy Spirit!

Without a doubt, hearing the preaching of Your Word enraptures us and gives us strength - so that Your plans for us, promote us before the people of the world and those who serve You with true love. Thank You for such thoughtfulness and kind love!

We want to have complete understanding of Your will, so that we don't forsake You and act according to the world. The understanding You gave to Jesse's son made him solve the problems that arose in his daily life and overcome them. Faith in You guarantees us victory!


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