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That they may possess the remnant of Edom, and all the gentiles who are called by My name,” says the Lord who does this thing. Amos 9:12

Edom is the country that belonged to the descendants of Esau, brother of Jacob. Still in their mother’s womb, they fought amongst themselves. Rebecca consulted the Lord why did this happen, and she heard that she would give birth to two boys, and that the older would serve the younger. Esau came first and Jacob came grabbing his brother’s heel. It was if he were trying to displace him, because his brother had taken his place.

Later, with some lentil stew, Jacob bought the firstborn right that Esau had obtained by force. In order for Esau not to have the blessings that originally belonged to his brother, their mother instructed Jacob on how to make his father bless him. However, Esau insisted in asking for some blessing for his life. Thus, Isaac prophesized that he would live by the sword, and that he would break his yoke when his deliverance came.

One of the blessings that Christ, the true Supplanter, obtained for us by His death was that we would also live by our sword – our word. Now that the devil has been stripped away, he cannot oppress us any longer. In the Name of Jesus we govern everything that concerns our lives, and thus, we serve the Lord as it pleases Him. In Christ, we will possess the remnant of Edom.

In the Son of God there are blessings for the people of Edom, although we do not know where they are. In truth, Jesus set them free from the enemy’s captivity, and they can break the yokes from their necks and serve the Most High with peace and freedom. In truth, there will be a day in which people will understand that they do not need to live under the enslaving oppression of religion. This is the good news given by God to humanity.

Every nation is called by God, because He planned and built each of them. The time has come for people to know the Lord as He is, as is portrayed in the Word. Do not enter in religious quarrels, but surrender your body and soul to the work done by Jesus in His death, which set us free from struggles and problems. We have been delivered from our captivity. Now, we are free forever.

We should use this moment to read the Bible, understand the message of the Lord, and do as He says. There is not even one mistake in Scriptures. In fact, it dissipates every lie. Flee from all kinds of religion and embrace the Word of the Creator, because through it, you will become the person that God says that you are. You will do as He declares about you and will enjoy all that He has promised you. Our faith in Christ is our victory!

The Almighty made all things out of nothing. Adam’s sin sold us to the devil, but the work of the Savior delivered us from the power of the enemy, which subdued us to his will and used to hurt us. Now, our word is the sword that leads us to success. The Most High does everything in our favor. Cheer up and live!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God! Just as Jacob managed to buy the firstborn right that had been taken away by Esau by force in their mother’s womb, Jesus went to hell and stripped Satan from the power he had robbed from man. Now, we are free!

It was necessary to take hold of the blessing that the Edomites had: live by the sword. They had the power to use the word like no other people, but now, this right was taken and given to those who believe in Jesus. We do not live in a barren land, but in Your love.

The whole world needs to hear the Good News. People need to know You as the one and only God. Confusions caused by religion will end, because the Truth will reign. Thank You for enlightening us!


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