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For by You I can run against a troop, By my God I can leap over a wall.  Psalm 18:29

We need to walk with God to be taken by Him. If we walk with Jesus, when He comes in His glory to seek the Church, He will take us to Heaven. The Master will dictate the way we walk. Guidance must come from Him; otherwise, we will only displease Him. The Savior said: I do not receive glory from men (John 5:41). This extends to the guidance opposite to the Word.

Look at Abraham´s account, who obeyed God’s call, left his land and went to a place shown to him later. This servant sought the city, whose Maker and Builder was the Lord Himself, and did not find it here on Earth. This place is the heavenly Jerusalem, land of the saved. One he believed, the patriarch began to walk as instructed and never demanded any explanation, but acted as a servant.

Jacob had a basis for fighting with God, because God had told him that He would take him to the land of his mother’s relatives and then lead him back to Canaan. When that day came, God told him to return. Hearing that his brother had set out to meet him with 400 men, Jacob feared. Then he sent his family to the other side of the Jabbok ford and struggled with the Most High all night in order to be blessed. And he was!

Moses was commanded to remove the enslaved Israelites from Egypt in the land where Joseph delivered the people from starvation. Those were days of battle until finally Pharaoh let them go. They departed, and stood before the Red Sea, with high mountains on both sides and Pharaoh’s army arriving to annihilate them; so Moses struck the waters, and they split into two walls. The Hebrews passed, but Pharaoh and his army were destroyed.

Luke, the sacred writer, summed up Jesus’ ministry by writing: He has been doing good and healing all those oppressed by the devil. It would be wonderful if something like this were said about you. So, get to work! Fulfill the mission delegated to you by Christ. Thus, in eternity, it will be written that you knew how to assume your calling and obeyed the divine will. The faithful to God will inherit the Promised Land!

The apostle Paul spoke of what the Almighty did at his hands, delivering the oppressed. He sought to go to places where Christ had never been announced, and the power of God used him wonderfully. Do the same, and you will see what the Father has prepared for you to enjoy serving Him. Do not be fooled, for everything will pass away, but the Word will remain (Matthew 24:35).

From the servants of God it is said: the world is not worthy of them. You do not know how much the Father cares for His own. Therefore, obey the divine call. Be proud to be a servant of the Lord and prove that you love Him. Halleluiah!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Commander! We must rescue the wounded in the ranks of the evil that ravages this world. As your faithful and true servants, use us to bring Your love to the lost.

We want to walk with You, side by side, doing Your will and showing the importance of Your light to every man. Human ideas are vain. Only Your Word teaches us how to proceed!

Our cry for justice must echo in the most varied and suffering hearts. People need to understand that without Jesus they are lost. Father, Your love will move us to give more of ourselves to the afflicted. Amen!


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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
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