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Then you will have success if you are careful to observe the decrees and laws that the Lord gave Moses for Israel. Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged. 1 Chronicles 22:13

David gave Solomon advice that a father can give to his son, showing him the importance of having prudence, understanding and instruction concerning Israel – the symbol of Christ’s Church. The need for these three virtues remains of the utmost importance if we are to overcome every kind of temptation brought by Hell. Whoever lives according to these guidelines will prosper.

Prosperity isn’t just about finance, although people have chosen that area as the most important. What is the use of having many material resources, if we don’t have good health, a good marriage or self-control? The ideal is to be successful in everything, even in helping our neighbor, who has no one to look after him. For what we do in secret, we will also be rewarded in secret (Matthew 6.4).

Failing to know the statutes and judgments of the Lord will cause us to lack the necessary faith to fight the adversary’s attacks. By keeping the commandments, we become wise before God, people and the struggles against the forces of darkness. You recognize when someone is successful by the victories he achieves. Whoever doesn’t win in Christ is always subdued by the enemy of good!

Strive to present yourself to God approved as a worker (2 Timothy 2:15); this helps the Lord’s servants to have more faith. This is exactly how David saw the occasion to deliver Israel from the threat of the Philistines, when he decided to show Goliath that there was a God in Israel. Adversity should be your chance to reveal why the Lord has prepared you in the Scriptures and in His power.

Getting discouraged is like telling God that you never trusted Him. Even if the threat is the greatest in your life, facing it is the only way to obtain the greatest victory, too! By being of good cheer, you will have an advantage over the enemy, who knows that you, in Christ, enter the battle as the victor. After all, the Lord always honors the one who puts his trust in Him. God is tremendous!

Why fear the devil’s threats when the Almighty has not given us the spirit of fear? The heavenly Father helps us at all times, and to do this He has filled us with His Spirit to carry out His will. Our Commander is Jesus Christ, the beloved Son of the Most High, to whom we must listen. He has promised to give us power and virtue to carry out the work (Luke 9.1). Knowing this, we will win!

Whoever is terrified before the enemy will fall like any loser. When challenging the fearsome Nebuchadnezzar, the young Hebrew men were clear, answering the king that they would not change their minds, even though they were not helped by God, but they were. Hallelujah!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, our Helper! We need not fear the devil's threats, for You promise that we shall not be shipwrecked as we pass through the rivers of trouble, nor shall any evil come into our tent, if we dwell in Your hiding place.

Wrapped in Your presence, we will be kept safe. Even if the furnace is heated seven times more, we will still stand firm in our decision not to bend - before the evil things of this world.

Now give us the strength not to shame You, nor to lose heart. Trusting in You, we will not fear - even if our problems seem hopeless. You always have the way out for those who trust in Your holy name. Thank You! Amen!


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