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25/09/2021 - WHEN GOD IS WITH US

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But they said, “We have certainly seen that the Lord is with you. So we said, ‘Let there now be an oath between us, between you and us; and let us make a covenant with you. Genesis 26.28

The Lord shows who is right with Him and faithful to Him. When you listen to the preaching of God’s Word, pay attention to what enters your heart, for the Most High will never speak randomly. The revelations of the Scriptures are well elaborated and clear. To disregard the guidance of the Creator of all things is to err grossly and pitifully. Never miss your opportunity to be happy!

The wise man must present himself to the Lord to do His work, but if he doesn’t want to heed the honorable invitation of the eternal God, He will raise up children to Abraham even from stones – people insensitive to His moving (Luke 3.8). The will of the Creator has always been questioned by the devil, but the devil has lost every battle fought against God: I know that You can do everything, and that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You. (Jó 42.2).

The king of Gerar, Abimelech, was alarmed, for he had never seen anyone harvest ten thousand percent of their crop. This disturbed him greatly. It was like the divine warning that Isaac had God’s blessing and the Lord wouldn’t hesitate to do what was necessary to protect the heir of the promises – from whom the Savior would come. Believe: God will also come to your rescue, whenever you need Him. He will never change His Word.

The king sensed his impending end if he continued to use his shepherds to take the water wells that Isaac had dug and from which much water gushed. Pray for those who criticize you and looks down on you. Intercede that this person will become someone aligned with God. Nothing can harm you or bring you loss, because even the change of clauses, which the wicked insist on doing to take something from you, will not prosper. You are like Jacob, a victor!

The adversaries who don’t want to suffer complete defeat need to make a covenant with us, because we have the power to open or close Heaven (James 5.16b-18). We are ambassadors for the Lord, not for our own profit, but for the Gospel to be known as man’s means of coming to God or receive according to his evil deeds (2 Corinthians 5.20). It is necessary to rest in the Most High and let the Holy Spirit transform you.

Whoever is our adversary will experience the power of God’s hand and surely, will not resist: I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed (Genesis 12.3). Our responsibility is greater than we think. Because we are part of the Body of Christ, the people reached by us will be blessed by our ministration and prayer.

It only took one young man to overcome an avalanche that came upon God’s people. That’s why David was sent to war that day – to witness the Israelite soldiers fleeing, and to show that there was a God in Israel (1 Samuel 17:24-26). And there still is!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, God with us! It is good to be part of Your people in these days when the lies of Hell abound everywhere, leading many of the weak to fear tomorrow. You will be with us every time the enemy threatens us!

The Philistines despaired, for the harvest had an inexplicable increase. So it will be whenever we act according to Your Word. You sustain and protect us. It is wonderful to believe in You!

We are part of the New Covenant, made in better promises, whose guarantee is Your honor. It will never be tarnished. Thank You for listening to those who serve You indeed and in love. Thus, we prove Your faithfulness to the world!


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