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Why should you be stricken again? You will revolt more and more. The whole head is sick, And the whole heart faints. Isaiah 1:5

If people learned to look at the Scriptures and see what happened to God’s people, they would understand that history is repeated with each generation. Then, they could avoid terrible evils and consequences. The rebellion is caused by a filthy spirit from Hell, sent by the devil to guard the territory that has deliberately turned away from God, surrendering to the enemy and accepting his temptations. Many fall for it.

Those who rebel against God face harsh consequences. His nefarious attitude of letting go of His hands and venturing into the paths of sin leads him to suffering. The Lord’s question in this verse is directed at that person for whom the punishment is no longer effective. It is amazing how insensitive individuals do not care or upset the price they will pay for their mistakes. Sometimes, man gets used to the devil’s oppression of him. Poor life!

Sinning is so disgusting that everyone should watch and pray to never be overcome by temptation. Unfortunately, anyone who sins feels a morbid pleasure in making the other suffer. If it is a marital betrayal, the adulterer will never forgive himself. For that reason alone, he should never allow himself to be used in order to afflict others. On the Day of reckoning, poor one who made someone wrong!

When rebellion takes over a person, he doesn’t mind offending the Lord. Even knowing what will happen to him at the Court, he cannot measure the size of the suffering that awaits him. For the inveterate sinner, iniquity is like a food that your deceived heart needs to be strengthened in error. As much as he suffers at the hands of the evil spirit, he does not understand the extent of the damage caused by his attitude.

The rebel has a mind filled with the disease of sin, and that weakness dominates him day and night. He cannot understand that it is better to repent. Thus, you will be free of the evil and destructive force that has hardened you. Now, he knows of his terrible eternal destiny and does not imagine that living soberly, respecting the Lord and his neighbor, is much better than being in the mud of sin.

Those oppressed by the rebellion are totally weak and are unable to free themselves from the other evil spirits sent to keep them in error and keep them from seeing the solutions offered by the Lord. Now God has no pleasure in launching them into eternal torment, but he waits patiently for them to be strengthened by the testimony of those who serve Him with joy and satisfaction. Examine yourself while there is time to change!

The disobedient will be won in wars against darkness, being destroyed in the devil’s attacks. However, if there is a desire in them to free themselves and seek divine help, it will be given to them at the right time. Nothing will stop you from turning to God, as long as you recognize yourself as a needy.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our beloved Doctor! We are spiritually sick, so we need help. Some of us have been carried away by the spirit of rebellion and cannot overcome adversity. We ask for mercy!

If evil chains us, it comes to our aid! We need the intervention of Your power and Your healing. Help those who cry for help. Some already have a dry throat from crying out!

Heals the head of the weak and the one with a fickle heart, who cries out to You, but receives no answer. Beloved, however much a man struggles, without Your power and Your love, he will never leave the enemy's hands. We cry out for Your help!


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