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And Joab answered, “May the Lord make His people a hundred times more than they are. But, my lord the king, are they not all my lord’s servants? Why then does my lord require this thing? Why should he be a cause of guilt in Israel?  1 Chronicles 21.3

One of the most regrettable events in King David’s life was the temptation that Satan placed before him, urging him to number the people. Nobody is immune to the evil one’s proposals, but it is sad when a person mirrors the experience of someone who was weak and gave in to the enemy, putting his secret desires into action. Poor one who allows himself to be led by the lies of the devil.

Man must be at the Lord’s feet, so that the victories obtained through God don’t become snares in his life. We are not yet who we would like to be: perfect servants. Therefore, we must live within the revelations of the Word, so that in a moment of distraction or consummation of what is within us, we don’t leave the heavenly Father or act according to evil one´s guidance.

It seemed like something harmless, but it soon became apparent that this wasn’t from God. The king of Israel wanted to know how many people were at his disposal to go to war. When the Lord gives us a direction, He has already prepared the resources. To fail to obey God, because you aren’t able, is to allow the devil to guide you. Then you will have missed a great opportunity.

As Paul became a servant of the Lord, he felt the need to leave for the mission field. He understood that he had been called since his mother’s womb and set apart for the grace of God. The apostle said that he did not consult flesh or blood (Galatians 1.16), but went to Arabia and returned to Damascus.  If he had consulted anyone, he could have been admonished by those who didn’t possess the Spirit of God, and then he would have exchanged the Spirit’s instruction for that of the devil.

After three years in the missions, Paul returned to Jerusalem to see Peter and spend 15 days with him. Many miss some chances because they listen to people out of fellowship with the Lord and fail to follow what He says. However, there are others who listen to God and to those who are in His presence and thus, act rightly. It is good to be connected to Christ to hear His voice!

The commander of Israel’s army, Joab, noticed the king’s evil inclination and tried to dissuade him, but in vain. This has happened to many people who do not pay attention to God’s servant, who without knowing what he is talking about and in an unpretentious conversation delivers the right message. We need to be aware to what the Creator tells us to say, for He would not speak without any reason. Whoever does not listen to the Lord pays a high price!

Joab was obedient and didn’t take advantage of the king’s weakness to strike a blow, overthrowing him, in order to assume a position to which he had not been called. He stood by the king, obeying him even in error and seeing the punishment that David would suffer.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Protection! We have to be ready to listen to You, and without ulterior motives, fulfill the mission given by You. Why follow the devil? To act in rebellion is the worst decision we can make. Give us a heart that is faithful to You and to whom You put to direct Your work!

We don't want to get in the way of Your plans by turning our backs on You and serving the enemy. We cannot be defendants of the eternal Judgment, nor held responsible for those who may stray from Your ways because of us. Mercy, beloved Father!

The price paid by David was high, but Joab would have suffered a greater consequence if his ear had been open to the evil one's offer. May we never abandon You to take advantage of someone else's weakness. Help us!


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