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Therefore a lion from the forest shall slay them, A wolf of the deserts shall destroy them; A leopard will watch over their cities. Everyone who goes out from there shall be torn in pieces, Because their transgressions are many; Their backslidings have increased. Jeremiah 5:6

When a people is guided by blind rulers, a church is shepherded by people without the fear of God, or a family does not seek the Most High, problems escalate, and everyone suffers. There are evil powers surrounding those who do not fear the Lord. They look like lions in the woods, who hurt anyone who passes by. Do not live far from God, because, because of simple actions, you can suffer a lot.

The kingdom of darkness is allowed to attack those who turn their backs on the Lord. Besides going to walk in deserts, they will be devastated by a wolf that takes care of that part. The secret to escape from these traps is to walk with the Most High, believing in His promises and experiencing them. Now, if you deviate from the divine ways, come back quickly!

Even surrounded by many good people – servants of God – those who live in the cities do not know that there are spiritual leopards who will be allowed to watch the centers full of people. The question is, why not walk with the One who gives the blessing to all who seek Him? He takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants (Ps 35.27) and does not withhold any good from those who ask Him (Mt 7.7). God’s response is immediate.

The Lord made us to live a certain time in this world; therefore, we cannot let sin and other temptations lead us out of the path that is pleasing to the Father. He made us to be by His side, to enjoy His gifts and to show everyone that His will is that we lack nothing. Whoever is sent by God discovers this truth. However, the person who apostates from the faith distances himself from all good.

When you are tempted and fall into transgression, immediately confess it to the Lord and ask for forgiveness, because He is so rich in mercy. However, if you let your transgressions multiply, you will see that the evil will also multiply in a terrible way, more than the number of its iniquities. Avoid giving the devil a place in your life. He is harmful in everything he does. Living with Heavenly Father is much better!

Those who despise divine gifts, renounce faith in Christ and stop fighting to have what the Scriptures declare make their mistakes grow. The biggest mistake is to allow the devil to convince you that walking with God is bad and not listening to the Lord is the best, because you will not have a bad conscience. Now, that is a lie. The person who falls for it discovers that his problems have multiplied.

God preserves those who trust in His mercy, do His will and seek His favor. Therefore, these are like Mount Zion, which is never moved (Ps 125.1). The Father keeps us and thrives at all times. Hallelujah!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God! When we relax in faith, everything starts to go wrong. If we don't come back to You, things get complicated and, in a short time, we no longer have peace, and our life has been transformed for the worse.

We have a feeling that Hell surrounds us. In the woods, we are wounded by hellish lions, and wolves appear in the deserts to plague us. Without Your assistance, we despair. It seems that this is the movie of many readers' lives!

Take away the powers of darkness that hinder us, forgive our sins and deliver us from evil. We no longer want to transgress, but to serve You. Give us Your fear and Your good mercies!


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