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But even if you should suffer for righteousness’ sake, you are blessed. “And do not be afraid of their threats, nor be troubled. 1 Peter 3:14

In a way, persecution for the sake of God’s justice is a good thing, because with it comes blessedness. This state of mind makes good things follow those who properly trust in the Lord. We will not get into the religious quarrel that exists everywhere, but with wisdom that no one can resist and the prudence the Lord will give us, we will speak of divine love and lead the lost to salvation.

The preaching of the Gospel is the best way to speak of divine justice, which is discovered from faith to faith. Now, the Gospel means the Good News that man needs to hear. In addition to the harm caused by worldly celebrations, the joy they bprovide to their participants is empty and powerless. The Good News party, on the other hand, fills people’s voids and still leads them to healing.

The greatest act of injustice carried out by a Christian is to remain silent, failing to announce what Jesus did for humanity. Whoever refuses to speak of the love of God feels like the worst person, but whoever announces it feels rewarded to see the response of the lost. Whoever is used by the Lord will never refuse a single invitation to share what they have received.

We do not have to go into the dispute of religions, of the spurious interests that cause human beings to be considered a commodity by several religious. Our battles is against the dark forces that dominate and enslave the unsaved in the worst way. Therefore, never speak badly or well of any religion. Our mission is to speak of God’s love for men in the person of Jesus.

We must be zealous of good works, informing everyone that no one else needs to be afflicted by unclean spirits. The act of spreading the message of Christ, which you understood when you heard about what He did on the cross, prevents the devil from harming you. So share what you have learned from the Word. In it, you are fulfilled and blessed.

Now, suffering because you love God’s justice will put you in a position where everything will work together for your benefit. From His dwelling place the Lord contemplates people and sees those interested in helping the lost. Therefore, they go out in the streets, city squares and the fields, in order to bear witness to the Savior’s sacrifice in favor of all. God pours all kinds of blessings on these lives.

The important thing is not fearing the threats they will bring against you, if you speak of the Lord’s love wherever you are. Don’t be worried about what will happen to you. Certainly, the heavenly Father will reward you. Those who forsake anything for the love of God, will receive a variety of good things and choose the best.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of our blessings!  Our hearts rejoice when seeing that You used us to give someone the best information that exists: in Jesus, suffering does not exist, because it is destroyed by the prayer of faith. Thank You!

We must be zealous of good things; thus, nobody will harm us. We need Your wisdom to destroy the strongholds of the devil and give  those who perish the deliverance from their evils. We are grateful for Your grace and love!

Now, if we have to suffer for the sake of Your justice, give us strength not to back down, but to go ahead and see that You have the best for us. Nothing that the enemy throws at us will strike us. Father, we want to be strong to serve You!


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