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“Run to and from through the streets of Jerusalem; See now and know; And seek in her open places If you can find a man, If there is anyone who executes judgment, Who seeks the truth, And I will pardon her. Jeremiah 5:1

Humanity´s situation is chaotic, and what is contemplated among God’s people is also sad. Poor lives! Where will they come walking according to their own lusts? If society has never faced a moment of such danger, it is now facing it. Man’s greatest enemy is not only the dictators who are invested with power, but also the Christian who no longer wants to do God’s work. Beware!

Today, if anyone walks among the saved to see how they walk and live, they will find few genuine servants of the Lord. There are those who indulge in the temptation to achieve more and more. Why so much wealth, if gold and silver do not guarantee eternal life, but perseverance in following the Master? Why give up what is good and true and embrace the clumsy greed that will lead you to the abyss?

Poets write songs for spurious interests because they want success, money, and praise for themselves. They do not dedicate to the holy Name of the Lord proper praise and worship. Many saved have accepted the offerings of the evil one, prostrating themselves before him to worship him, regardless of the consequences, because they long for the fulfillment of their goals.

Melodists do not seek from the Most High the right “transport” for the revelation of the Word to the truth-hungry hearts, but that which will bring them greater profit and promote them in the presence of men. Now do those given more need to consider that more will also be asked of them? Caution! The devil has led great saints of the Lord into moral corruption, and they will be sent into outer darkness.

Several singers choose where they will minister, not praying, and in some cases fasting. The preference is where they will receive more to buy good clothes, beautiful houses and the so famous and coveted cars. According to the Scriptures, the people and the priest eat and are not satisfied, they surrender to lust, but do not multiply because they have stopped looking at the Lord. The cause is that incontinence, wort, and wine have taken away their intelligence (Hos 4:10,11).

Preachers do not care about the number of dead bandits, or good people who, because of the crisis, decide to enter marginality, or even risk coming to them with God’s message. Where will we stop this? We must go back to the Bible to see where we have gone wrong, and what we have done with the command of the Most High, for if we continue like this, we will lose the great salvation and where will we go?

The world would be better if those who seek justice and find truth minister to the hearts of those who are taken by demons. These people would be converted and experience the grace of God. Wake up! Where there is no fear of eternal judgment, there is no salvation. Examine yourself and change now!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, our rescue! What a hard word you have through the prophet of tears. However, we have not cried or understood that they address us, the saved, and our children. Can we live like this?

It would be helpful if the greatest investigators in the world would do a search in Your Church and find practitioners of righteousness, serving you in a holy way. May this happen to this beloved reader of mine!

We ask for mercy and for holiness we beg! Pity for our life and love for the lost. Never let us walk in darkness, for we are Yours and we do not want to follow the evil one!


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