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And some of the scribes were sitting there and reasoning in their hearts. Mark 2:6

The people in that house in Capernaum saw others remove some tiles from the place, but the Master said nothing about that. In fact, no one said anything, and Jesus continued to minister God´s Word. At that meeting, there were scribes, who made their living by making manual copies of the Scriptures on leather, papyrus or other materials. They considered themselves professors of religious law and potential critics.

Certainly, such men disagreed with the way Christ interpreted the Holy Scripture and did not like it when He spoke clearly about what they disagreed, especially from keeping the Sabbath. When Jesus told the man that his sins had been forgiven, the scribes looked at each other, confirming what they believed to be a heresy from the Master. They would learn a lot on that day, but would they accept it?

At all times, so called”doctors” in religious matters have risen, and this is a problem for the true servants of the Lord. Those who don´t have divine anointing, do more harm than good. Do not be alarmed by some who will come in their own name, or “anointed” by their organizations, teaching that God’s time to work wonders has passed, leading many away from the straight path of the Most High. Mercy!

In a Muslim country, where the prejudice against the Christian faith is strong and exaggerated, a person saw the testimonies of people healed, so he believed and was also healed by Jesus. Then he sought the leader of his religion. Since he is someone important, he had access to his leader and told him of such blessing. Not knowing what to say, the leader replied like many do, “The days of miracles are past.” But where is that written?

This answer shows that he knows and believes that Jesus healed in His days on Earth, but because the doctrine to which he belongs says that this no longer occurs, he decided not to surrender to the truth. This is serious! This religious man will not go unpunished on the day of the Judgment Seat of Christ. Other representatives of the most diverse religions choose to be silent rather than talk about what is true, thus, they harm many people.

When man thinks for himself, and not with the help of the Holy Spirit, he does not move from the wrong position he has taken, preferring eternal judgment. No one who has heard from the Master – and He speaks through the Bible – can say that the Word of God is not the Truth. Unfortunately, because of personal and shady interests at the same time, people follow the wrong path. Poor lives!

I suggest the following: every night, before going to sleep, stop everything and read some Bible verses from the Psalms or the Gospels. Meditate on what catches your attention and do the same in the morning. Pray also to God that He will show you the truth. Very soon, you will notice that you will live better.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God who loves us! Thank You for letting us know the truth by reading the Bible and meditating on it. It is good to be part of Your Body, to live under Your light and  walk away from the paths that lead humanity to perdition.

Not all those who listen to You obey You, but they know that only good comes out of Your mouth. When the chance to sin is offered to them, even though they see that it is poisonous, they give in to pleasure, without thinking about the Day of reckoning.

I join my faith with that of those who no longer want to live under the cloak of deceit, but rather wish to be free from eternal punishment, pleading with Your Spirit to protect them and give them strength to be free from evil.


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