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12/06/2023 - WHO ARE THE CURSES FOR?

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Also the LORD your God will put all these curses on your enemies and on those who hate you, who persecuted you. Deuteronomy 30.7

In the Old Testament period, curses existed and could be placed on enemies. Today, however, we live in a time of grace, and we must proclaim salvation in Christ to all people, leading them to understand that Jesus died for mankind. Therefore, they do not need to remain in rebellion. The great loss of the lost is not to understand that the saved have at their disposal the healing of diseases, the forgiveness of sins, and the power to overcome all struggles. God is love!

Nothing is more rewarding than to recognize the benefits of the Lord to those who strive to keep His commandments. As Jesus said, such a person will also be loved by Him and the Father (John 14.21). That is the secret! Besides knowing and following God’s precepts, anyone can be free from evil in the twinkling of an eye. Thus, it’s easy to unite with God and use His power to cast out temptations.

Choose to live as the Lord’s beloved. He will help you in a wonderful way! If, however, you choose to live in rebellion, you will continue to be dominated by the law of sin and death. Right now, God’s power is ready to work in every part of your being – spirit, soul and body. Therefore, repent of your errors and give God the right to rescue you. Then rebuke evil, in the Name of Jesus, and believe!

What is the reason for someone to persecute someone who does good to everyone? When a person acts this way, the forces of evil charge him for the evil done to the other. Now, that which is not good for you should be no good for anyone else. Let go of hatred, hurt, and resentment, forgive those who have offended you, and ask the Lord to forgive you also. Then demand the departure of the devil and his evils. After ordaining this way, live according to the Word!

Doing good and living as Jesus lived in this lost world is the least the saved person can do on behalf of those who need help from Heaven. Once you are aware that you are enlisted to be a good person, your spirit will feel strong enough to use the help or instruction given by God. Then you will free yourself from the clutches of the evil one. This may work right now, so get rid of your misfortunes now!

The person who bothers a child of God certainly has not thought about who he is to the heavenly Father, the Creator of all things. God is Almighty, but He will not give “change” to anyone. Be careful! When fighting against the life of a lost one, the devil himself knows what and when he can harm such a life, and recognizes who helps him in his evil nature. Turn to the Lord now, and He will turn to deliver you from your troubles.

One thing is certain: God only forgives the wrong done to someone when the offender turns to Jesus and is born again. According to biblical teaching, when we become new creatures in Christ, the old things pass away and everything becomes new (2 Corinthians 5.17). So, seek to receive Jesus as your Savior. He will teach you the way to follow, guiding you with His eyes. Live without fear!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of justice and power! Your Word tells us to love those who hate us and give them the Good News that by turning to Christ they can get rid of their problems. By accepting Jesus, the sinner is saved and empowered to overcome evil!

We don't want You to put the curses on those who have wished them on us. Being servants of the evil one, such a person could do nothing else but hate us and help the devil. The one who receives Jesus as Savior becomes Your child like any one of us!

Our enemies need to open their eyes and convert! Those who hate us must become our friends and brothers in Christ! In response to what they have done to us or to any innocent person, we must forgive these people, ministering to them Your blessings and Your love!


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