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09/01/2023 - WILL WE JUDGE THE LORD?

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And now, O inhabitants of Jerusalem and men of Judah, judge, please, between Me and My vineyard. Isaiah 5.3

Who are we to judge the Lord? He says so Himself, for He desires our complete trust in Him. He did what was necessary for His vineyard to produce fruit abundantly and perfectly. However, when the time came to reap the fruit, He saw that it was bad (Isaiah 5.2). As members of His Body, the Church, we must fulfill our mission to preach the holy Gospel throughout the world and lead the lost to salvation (Mark 16.15).

Jesus left us the example of how to do God’s work. However, we make a lot of excuses and blame the people who don’t have faith. Now, if we, the ministers of the New Covenant, were in communion with the Most High, being one with the Father, we would know why we don’t see the same things done by Christ in our services (John 14.12). It is urgent that we dedicate time to prayer and the study of the Word!

For a moment, let’s forget the wrongdoings of others and check if we are at the Lord’s feet as we should be. God does not lie. He gives us the chance to be cleansed of all deceit, even of the evil intentions of the heart. Then we can always be at His side, and we will receive the anointing and the guidance on how to proceed in the work. Without Him, there will be no manifestation of His power as we would like (John 15.5).

If we let ourselves be judged by the Lord, He will guide us, and then we can produce fruit worthy of His Kingdom. Let God’s hand use you; then you will be the vine that gives Him joy. Individually, each of us must consider ourselves as the church and not judge others. Each one of us will give an account of himself at the Judgment (Romans 14.4,12). So let us do everything as the Lord has taught.

Success for a ministry full of God’s operations lies in the anointing, not in radio and television. Without anointing, you could have several hours on many TV and radio channels, but no one would come to your meeting. When we are right with the Most High, He Himself makes people come to us to hear the Word, which produces faith (Romans 10.17). There is no way to leave the Most High aside and think that He is with us. Whoever despises the Source of life will live disdained (1 Samuel 2.30).

Never dare to judge the Lord, but judge yourself in Him and you will understand how to act so as not to be ashamed for lacking power. Seek the Most High immediately and fulfill the work as Jesus commissioned. In the Master’s examples, you have what is necessary for you to succeed as He did. God is the same for the people on Earth, so consecrate yourself to Him and believe – to see the signs.

How about taking some time and being alone with the Lord? Open your heart and offer yourself to be prepared by Him. When you are ready to be His instrument, go in faith and see what He will do on your behalf. He says: My son, if your heart is wise, my heart will rejoice—indeed, I myself (Proverbs 23:15). What does He say?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of Judgment! We cannot judge You, O Lord, our one true God. We will surely be ashamed if we do. If You do not operate in the work You have given us, it is our fault. Thus, we ask for mercy!

May we learn to imitate Jesus in prayer, in the way we serve You and do Your work! We accept Your offer to instruct us on the way forward and to guide us with Your eyes. Your Church needs You!

We desire to be Your instruments as You have promised, manifesting Your will and Your power in our faith meetings. Now, forgive us and cleanse us from all our mistakes! We long to become Your approved workers!


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