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Only on this condition will the men consent to dwell with us, to be one people: if every male among us is circumcised as they are circumcised.   Genesis 34.22

Hamor saw his arguments winning over the opposing words. So he went on to talk about the conditions of the Israelites to live with them. Now, the Hevite leader was a master of argument. He waited for the right moment to present his proposal and described it as simple and good, because it would make them one people. Nothing too much was asked, only that all consent to be circumcised. What was wrong with that?

Every good negotiator formulates his or her own speech well, being careful not to close the door on the offer – and at the same time being quick to respond, in an intelligent way, without ever hurting the other party. Nobody gets a decent deal by threatening to use force. That would be surrender. The art of presenting the just reasons is the good part of an offer. After accepting the conditions, both sides will be happy with the outcome.

Hamor showed the residents of his city that there was no money in the bargain, and this indicated that Jacob’s sons were naïve. The ruler of the land felt that everyone was inclined to agree to circumcision. He then used another strategy to close the deal, by saying that they would consent to live with the Hivites, in order to form one people, provided that the Hivite men were circumcised, just like Shechem (Genesis 34.19). Take it or leave it!

The successful negotiator is calculating and has a good talk. He speaks or silences at the right time, his mind spins a thousand miles per hour, and notices the expression on the face of each of the interlocutors. Moreover, he acts like an actor and demonstrates by his gestures that everyone will be satisfied with the proposal. After all, what else more profitable could be offered to them than the silly request for circumcision? It even gives good health to those who do it.

The good salesperson is never hurried and inconvenient, but calm and wise at the same time. What matters to him is the customer’s acceptance. With the sale accomplished, he has his reward. In Hamor’s case, it was to free his son from vengeance, common in those days. Knowing his responsibility until he fulfilled the condition required for the deal, Hamor acted wisely to get everyone’s yes.

He could not fail – and without suspecting anything, he would have to show that all men would agree to submit to circumcision. It was either that, or his son would suffer the punishment. Being the most important man in the place, and possessing skills acquired over the years, Hamor tried hard and succeeded. In a short time, the worst would be over; at least, that’s what he hoped to learn soon.

We will still see what the thoughtless act of an irresponsible son provoked among the people of that land. You can’t let a person do an evil deed against anyone else and remain without just condemnation. Only true repentance will remove from the heart the penalty that sin brings. So, accept Jesus now as your Savior, and He will help you!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Incomparable God! We want to have Your wisdom and use it to straighten out our actions. In case we have done something unfortunate, we ask You to help us get right with the wronged person, for we have Your promise to give us relief!

Open our feelings to do Your will always, walking as it is written in Your Book, harming no one. Help us to live so as not to give the adversary reason to attack us, but to defeat him with Your Name!

Give us wisdom to bring sinners the deliverance from error and the forgiveness You have bought for all those who have been used by the devil. Your salvation will stop them from acting as messengers of the kingdom of evil!


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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
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