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13/07/2020 - WISE GUIDANCE

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He who tills his land will be satisfied with bread, But he who follows frivolity is devoid of understanding.    Proverbs 12:11

As we hear the Gospel and receive Jesus as Savior, we are transported to His Kingdom (Col. 1:13), where God’s will shall be rightly done. Now the difference between the saved and those who still remain under the yoke of the empire of darkness – spiritual Egypt, is evident. Those who give credit to God will find that in fact they have come to inhabit the land full of milk and honey. But those who do not keep the Word will receive nothing. In any situation, the Most High is faithful!

The direction could not be more precise and easier to follow. As the discerning farmer, the Christian must work the land given him – the understanding of the Word about his rights in Christ. However, if you skip the steps before planting, such as soil preparation, fertilization, and the coming of the rain, which wets the soil, what it sows will not bear fruit for its survival.

The farmer can be very religious and, saying that he believes in the Lord, spend days praying in order to get a good harvest. However, if one of the vital factors preceding the sowing is missing, he will be frustrated and probably accuse the Most High of not having answered his prayers. What it is up to man to do will never be done by the Lord. Follow the instructions!

The wise farmer is sure that when the soil is plowed, it can be sown; therefore it spends time, money and energy. In addition, he waits for the right time to cultivate the land and chooses good seed. Anyone who works anyway, without observing the law of planting and reaping, never succeeds. This occurs with those who disobey the biblical instructions about the Lord’s operations.

In the Holy Scriptures, the Creator left the guidelines of how we must act. Those who practice them are successful. The important thing is to learn from God, for no one knows better than Him the details that can deliver us from failure and get us His favor in everything. The Father will not help us if we seek Him.

Tilling the soil is not only turning it over, but also examining it for nutrients. If this is the case, corrective action must be taken. If there are destructive agents, the farmer will have to fight them with the correct insecticides. Thus, at the time of grain formation, insects will not finish their work. Banks also prevent losses by hiring security guards to keep the money deposited in their care!

Every business has its secrets, as well as those who like to enjoy the work of others. So plow your land to the point of producing, without forgetting to save your profit in order to enjoy it. In faith, this must always occur. Search the Bible for lessons that will greatly help you.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh Lord! We desire judgment to obtain the promised results in Thy Word concerning the work we have done. Look out for us and help us to experience the expected success of those who reward you.

Your directions are fundamental from the moment we choose the land where we will work, the helpers given by You, the blessings we will receive, and the barn where we will place the fruits. Teach us everything!

By believing in You, at the end of the work, we will see the good result and walk safely. Though everything in this life passes, the good Word will never pass. In Thy Name we bind any failure. Thank You Father!


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