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When Ephraim spoke, trembling, He exalted himself in Israel; But when he offended through Baal worship, he died.  Hosea 13:1

The history of the northern kingdom should have remained beautiful, for the Lord Himself had separated the ten tribes from the house of David. It all began with Solomon, to whom God gave unique wisdom on earth. Unfortunately, later on, he was carried away by the enemy and fell into transgression for being pampered by everyone around him. The Word said that the Israelites should only marry each other, but he preferred to love many women.

As one abyss calls another abyss (Ps. 42:7), Solomon allowed the worship of other “gods”; He then made offerings to these “deities,” who were actually lying demons. Anyone who is corrupted by some unclean spirit becomes his servant and will no doubt do worse things. The fall of an individual is paralyzed only in conversion to Christ.

Ephraim was one of the tribes that made up the northern kingdom, which retained the name Israel, also known as Samaria and Ephraim. When this tribe spoke, a fear arose in the kingdoms around, for it was formed of brave and powerful. Calamities will come to those who leave the Lord, and they will last long. Power deceives its owner. With it comes self-confidence, and one does not even realize that it has begun to fall. Only depend on the Most High!

This tribe, descended from Joseph of Egypt, was large in Israel, but because of what it became, it was guilty in Baal. Whoever does not watch over God’s work grows without giving glory to the Almighty and is led to do the will of the enemy. Then such a rebel will be lost here and forever if he does not repent. It is unfortunate to see those who have known the Omnipotent become silent about the praise due to the Father.

What good is it for anyone to excel if they do not recognize the Lord as their God? He will soon become involved with the devil, and then, no matter how hard he tries to break free from him, he will never succeed except with the help of the Lord. He that the Most High blesses must be mindful of what Jesus said: And to all that is given, much shall be asked of Him (Luke 12:48). Forgetting God is already the work of the devil.

With the exaltation in Ephraim, the people were completely lost, because the unclean spirits began to direct them, wrapping them in their meshes of sin. Can’t you understand how someone who knew the Truth goes back to lies? Then there will only be a tremendous oppression of the opponent. Whoever loves the Lord will also be loved by Him. Watch not to be tempted, remembering to pray continually!

After his kingdom was exalted, Ephraim had his end announced by the Spirit of God: he died. Death here is eternal separation from the Creator. This was because they had not prepared to serve the Almighty. Now nothing is more important than that!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares



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Lord, our Counselor! What a sad outcome the tribe of Ephraim had! She could not keep herself for Thee, who had allowed her to magnify. That voice that made the neighbors tremble shut up forever. No more were Your servants!

Would it advance us to grow without maintaining fear of Thee? Now our eternal destiny would be the worst possible. We are grateful for the times you put a brake in our mouth; otherwise we would have acted ungovernably!

We must never be guilty in Baal, in the bestial cults that the lost practice. We have been saved to live by Your side, fulfilling Your beautiful and wonderful plan. Take us by the hand and lead us in pure faith in Thee!


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