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They lavish gold out of the bag, And weigh silver on the scales; They hire a goldsmith, and he makes it a god; They prostrate themselves, yes, they worship. Isaiah 46

The price paid for man to be blessed was much greater, because it was not gold or silver: the Son of God went to the cross to give His life in redemption for the lost and suffering.  Paul, the apostle, called this the foolishness of God (1Corinthians 1:25). Only the Lord could substitute ourselves, taking on Himself our sins, blames, illnesses and evils.  With Jesus your “bag” will be much fuller and never be emptied. 

The lashings received by the Master in the Roman court created in His body the wounds that healed our sufferings.  According to some historians, they were forty minus one. The whip used by the roman soldier had nine strips and at the end of each a piece of bone or of metal that would tear at His flesh, producing open wounds.  This was God’s way of demonstrating His love in our favor.

When man feels the deep necessity to reach the Creator and does not know how to do it, in his despair, he pays a goldsmith, for example, to produce and image to which he can apply his hope.  However, none of this will be of any use.  Those who know the Truth have the obligation to pay the necessary price to take the redeeming message to everyone.  Then, those who listen and hear, giving the Word credit, will receive the faith which will save them forever.

The true God is eternal – having no beginning or end.  He deplores the works of those who should be sincere in saying to those who try to create an image that this is pure deception.  These works hinder more than they bless.  Only with biblical understanding, somebody can be delivered to be free.  Behind every idolatrous effort, there is an evil spirit sent from Hell, in order to oppress them that place their trust in images.

Why bow down to that which is nothing, if it is possible to obtain the true faith and through it be freed from evils?  Faith does not cost anything, although it is the most valuable and precious possession one can have.  Through faith, in the past, the servants of the Lord exacted great works, and with it, those who serve the All-Powerful today – as they believe and take up what He says – will also make the impossible become possible.  The Omnipotent wants to use you.  Are you willing? 

The intentions of one who seeks to have an idol or image may be good, but if not based on the Scriptures, will be all in vain.  To bow before an idol will make one worse than it.  Alas, it has a mouth but does not speak; has eyes but does not see; looks pious but is powerless to take anyone from deception or from suffering.  Solutions for everyone can only come from the son of God, and He makes no exceptions to persons, no privileges to anyone, except to those that put their faith in Him.

Be sensitive to what God speaks to your heart when Reading the Bible or listening to the preaching of the Word.  What the Lord makes you understand, that is His voice, in which lies all the power that you need to be in fact, well blessed.  Now see your problems being overcome by Your faith in what God says to you.  Faith in Christ is Victory!

In Christ, with love, 

R. R. Soares

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Lord, our Father!  You do not have to be bought with presents or promises, in order to help those who need Your favor.  You do this graciously free as it says in the Bible.  Help all those that pray with me now, delivering them from their evils.

That the Truth may be revealed to all who need it; this way, they will be delivered from all evil.  Look after those who are forsaken, chained to the works of witchcraft, and all other works of deception.  In Your Name, give them Your deliverance.

One day, when we are before You, those that placed their faith in Your promises will praise You, for they have been led from death to life.  Today is a day of thanksgiving, for many can and will thank You for all the blessings received.


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