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with all lowliness and gentleness, with longsuffering, bearing with one another in love. Ephesians 4:2

From the prison where he was, because of the Gospel of Christ, the apostle Paul sent a message to those converted in Ephesus, and by extension to all the brothers of the whole world, that had turned themselves to the care of the good Shepherd.  They should examine themselves as to how they walked with God.  This was so because anyone who had a part in any scandal that disqualified a person to the Kingdom of Heaven would be held responsible for the inestimable loss of this life. 

All that had received understanding of eternal life were called to be holy (Ephesians 1:4); to the purpose that all should constantly examine their lives, to be sure they are correct in their way with God.  The saved cannot walk like those that still have no understanding of the meaning of being delivered from the empire of darkness and transported to the eternal Kingdom.  Our work that we must do for the Lord is to live free from offenses (Matthew 18:7).

Our calling to be a member and a part of the Body of Christ demands a change of habits and customs and a much deeper consecration than that exhibited by religious people.  As we are saved, we were made kings and priests for the Lord (Revelations 1:6). As his priests we must serve Him at every opportunity, and as kings we have to act as sovereigns in any circumstance. He is holy; therefore we too must be holy.  What do you say?

According to Paul, everyone who is saved must walk in lowliness.  According to the Scriptures God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. (James 4:6)  Notice well that the Bible is speaking of humility in every sense of the word, not only some touches or traces of this precious virtue.  If this is not one of our goals, we will not please the Lord.  Arrogance, pride and the other faults found in the lost, can no longer exist in us.  After all, we were recreated in Christ Jesus.

Another important point is that we walk in gentleness.  We should not be provoked by those who insist in walking in error, and oftentimes, when confronted insists on lying. The humble and gentle, which truly trust in the Lord, have a total tranquility of the soul and serve God in this manner.  Why lose control if we are controlled by the Holy Spirit of God.  We were given the right and privilege to participate in the Savior’s peace, are we not?  Do you enjoy that peace?

A Longsuffering – good hopefulness or hopeful good – should be a virtue of those who have been reached by divine grace.  We have left the realm of madness, perdition and suffering; now we are citizens of the Kingdom of Truth, of peace and power to solve problems.  This is why we should seek and allow to be directed by our Father’s Spirit, which leads us to love all, even the lost.

Finally, the Holy Spirit used the apostle to say that we must support one another in love, obeying the biblical commands.  In Jesus’s church, the mindset should not be of an intolerant spirit with regards to the fallen and the lost, but one of mercy and readiness to take them and lead them to communion with the Lord.  We have to be and act as Jesus taught us. Amen? 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Author of our calling! You knew who and what we were when you extended us Your mercy.  This way, we received salvation and the privilege of being member of the Body of Your beloved Son.  We want the same virtues of Your beautiful character. 

We must be transformed in Your image.  It is true that sometimes the enemy tempts us, leading us to lose our patience with those that error.  This way, we forget all humility which must be the mind-set of our lives, and we leave Your presence.  Please help us!

That we may return to our first love, seeking humility, gentleness and meekness. In this way we will honor You, seeing as You called us from darkness to live in Your wonderful life.  May these virtues be noticed in us always.  Thus, we will be recognized as Your true servants.


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