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01/02/2019 - YEAR OF THE JUBILEE

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To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord,And the day of vengeance of our God;To comfort all who mourn, Isaiah 61:2

In Israel, every seven weeks of seven years – hence 49 years – life started again. It was the time of the deliverance of the servants, the return of the lands to their rightful owners and the forgiveness of debts. Whoever bought a property would pay the proportional value for the years until the time of the jubilee came. This was the law of the Lord so that there would be no poor in the Land of Promise. In addition to helping those who did not have a good judgment and were in debt, it was a symbol of the true Jubilee.

This was so serious that it was one of God’s reasons to send His Spirit over His own people. Without the divine anointing, the people will always be oppressed by the enemy, but those who receive the Holy Spirit and the anointing that breaks the yoke are obliged to proclaim to all that they have the authority to deliver and free them from the works of the devil. When sought by those who are suffering, the servants of the Most High must use such authority and deliver them from evil.

As servants of the Lord, we have an obligation to proclaim the year of the jubilee to the people. Just as Jesus met their needs, we need to use the power He has given us and do the same. Then we will set free those who are oppressed by debts, those who have lost their property or are sick. To preach the Gospel is to give everyone the opportunity to start again, without leaving anyone behind, in the hands of the devil. This is God’s work!

This is the time for the Lord to exercise His vengeance against darkness. He does this by responding to the order we give against what the devil does in people’s lives. Whoever belongs to the Body of Christ and is baptized in the Holy Spirit must act with absolute confidence in the fact that the power of the Most High will honor the rebuke he gave in the Name of Jesus. We do not have to command the power of God to do something, but to the devil beat a retreat!

The word used by the Scriptures to describe God´s work in our midst is vengeance, dominion over the forces of evil. We have many reasons to live in the divine presence, and one of them is to use the anointing given by the Lord to carry out his work. This is the authority granted to all those who are born again, who accepted Jesus as Savior, who were baptized in the waters and received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. This commandment weighs heavily upon the saved!

By using the power of the Name of Jesus to set free those that are oppressed, we give the Word the attention it deserves. It is useless to say that we love God, if we do not keep His commandments. The Lord does not want to see anyone sad, frustrated and dominated by petty or wicked feelings. In order to live well, man needs the consolation granted by Him to those who believe in His promises.

From today on, never forget that we are in the Year of Jubilee – the return of everything that was taken away by the enemy. The Lord is performing His vengeance and comforting people through us. If we remain silent, many will commit suicide, indulge in addictions and live in promiscuity, misery and great suffering. It’s time to act now!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of the Year of the Jubilee! You have been good to us, teaching us to give to others the freedom promised in Your Word. It is good to see those who are suffering be freed and become true victors. It's wonderful to live these days!

We are Your instruments for Your vengeance to be complete over evil. The evil one has destroyed thousands of lives. So many are behind bars because of some work of the devil that they didn’t manage to say no to! Help them!

When comforted by You, we are made ministers of the New Testament. Thus, we are able to give the afflicted the same consolation with which we were comforted. This is not an option, but it’s Your command that must be fulfilled. Lord, we must act. Amen!


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