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for you are still carnal. For where there are envy, strife, and divisions among you, are you not carnal and behaving like mere men? 1 Corinthians 3:3

The eternal God expects more from those that hear His Word; after all, the lessons that He delivers are many and profitable.  We must not and cannot frustrate the Omniscient.  As we seek His face, He gives us the exact revelation that will operate in us true miracles, healing sicknesses, destroying weaknesses and giving us the power to win against all the forces of evil.  If we neglect the divine seed planted in us we will be defeated. 

We must be wise, for this attitude pleases the heart of the Father.  As soon as the Word enters into our heart, we can get up and believe that we were given all that will guide and direct us.  God does not confuse Himself nor does He minister to us that which will heal us with collateral effects.  Remember that the Lord’s prescriptions come in the exact doses to meet our needs and do us great good.

When we hear and understand the Word, we are declared to be sons and daughters of the Almighty in the Kingdom of God, and for this reason our petitions are answered.  In this case, even the greatest sinner can use this power given him over evil that has oppressed him all his life.  As son, he is an heir to the Lord, successor to all that the heavenly Father owns.  After understanding this divine message this person has the right to rebuke evil with full authority.

The devil will tempt us to be envious of others for any type of various motives.  Why hold this sentiment, if God can give us much more than anyone received, as long as we have the objective to fulfill the will of the Lord and not the desire of the devil to compete for something? Why desire or aim for something that is not in divine plan for our life?  We should content ourselves with what He purposes for us and put it into action, in order to produce the same that was entrusted to us.

Why contend? The Israelites did this with Moses and saddened the Lord.  Do we want to pay the same price he paid and lose our blessing or do we prefer to  be loyal to the Lord and have Him always at our side?  No doubt, the second choice is the best, for we will never stumble in it.  The work is God’s work, and He invites those who want to occupy the places prepared for His faithful believers.  Be satisfied with what the Father does.

Where there is contention, not only are there Christians that are carnal but also demons in action.  After all, are we in the Kingdom of God to do our will or that of the Lord?  Certainly we must obey His purpose and not that of the enemy.  Avoid doing or saying anything that will place you under the authority of evil.  The servants of the Almighty must only concern themselves with divine instructions and not with what they think is right.  God never errs.  He is perfect!

We must walk like Jesus walked and not according to men, that know nothing and are delirious with facts they know nothing about.  Whoever follows the Light is like someone that walks in the day time – never stumbling (John 11:9).  It is very easy to submit yourself to the Word; just pay attention to what you feel when you are studying the Word or hearing a sermon.  God is wise!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord!  We make many mistakes, and the greatest is not giving Your Word its due place in our heart.  This way we waver all the time.  Help us, for we want to walk according to Your teachings.

Jesus carried out what You did, and was always a joy and a pleasure to You.  Your Son’s works collaborated with the growth of Your Kingdom.   We will give You your true place of Guide, Shepherd and Lord over all our matters.

We do not want to be carnal allowing envy to overtake us.  We must be full of Your power to destroy the traps of the devil.  This way, free from contentions and dissensions, we will walk according to Your Spirit, for we are already light in You. Amen!


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