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Jesus answered and said to him, “Because I said to you, ‘I saw you under the fig tree,’ do you believe? You will see greater things than these.” John 1:50

We will always be surprised by the All-Powerful with revelations we never dreamed or imagined to exist or the power that He gives us in a simple manner, but is so enormously efficient and effective. This time, Nathanael questioned the Master for having made a positive observation concerning him.  At first, these seemed like flattery but he soon had a change of heart. 

If everyone would allow the Creator time to show Whom He is and what He can do for them, undoubtedly all would immediately accept conversion and change their eternal destiny.  Excessive religious dogma prevents people from understanding that the Gospel is not religion but Good News that was made and brought in our favor, when Jesus died on the cross at Calvary. Unfortunately millions will suffer eternally.  What sadness!

Many people who live the Gospel do not enjoy the abundant life afforded by Christ.  Some live in sin though they declare themselves saved. Why does this happen if the second birth makes all things past fall away and everything becomes new?  Many are in God’s house but they continue erring.  This happens because they have not understood Who is the Son of God and what He is able to do for man.  The wicked or lost behave like foolish children.

If Jesus sees us at every moment, every instant and knows our thoughts before they are formed, can we not count on His help to prevent the devil from inducing us to sin? Yes! But it is not enough to know that we can appeal to Him; we must in fact do this.  It would be wonderful if we always kept in close contact with the Lord and this is possible! If we live in the Spirit, we will never fall into the temptations of the flesh.  Therefore, seek to walk with God!

The Savior gave evidence of His Omniscience, when He sent two of His disciples to the town ahead of them, close to Jerusalem.  There they should unleash the foal of a donkey that had never been ridden and take it to Christ.  If somebody should ask why they were doing this, they should say that the Master had need of it.  This happened as the Lord had foreseen (Mark 11:1-7). We can certainly count on His rescue during any and all circumstances (John 15:7).

Later He told them to follow a man who would be bearing a pitcher of water on his shoulder (Mark 14:13). These examples show that we will have greater exit and obtain more with His instructions. Now, why not use these divine attributes in order to carry out His instructions with efficiency and perfection?  Now, we exert a lot of effort to obtain little success.  If we cooperate with Him, we will work less but enjoy all that He has already prepared.

Of what use will it be to reach the Judgment and ask forgiveness to Jesus for not having obeyed His commands? It is high time we serve Him in truth, in submission to His Word and walking under His direction.  This way, we will see it is a lot easier to do the work. These things have been written as lessons for our own good.  He said we would see even greater things than these. Halleluiah!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! When you answer us, You show us what we have done right, seeking You to be assisted in our moments of indecision or temptation.  Your answer leads us to love You more and more, because it gives us assurance that you have watched over us.

Nathanael was surprised when You revealed Yourself to him as God Omniscient.  That is why he exclaimed that You are the King of Israel, the Sovereign of Your chosen people, and this is why You protected them from the enemy. How good it is to know that You care for Your people!

Make us responsive to Your orders.  Therefore we will do nothing useless, but we will find the foal of a donkey that will serve You and we will find the house where You will dine with us.  We want to see even greater things to serve You even more and better.  Amen!


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