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Faith Show Program

The Faith Show is a TV program presented and directed by Missionary R.R. Soares. It is recorded during the weekends at the State Headquarters of the International Grace of God Church in São Paulo, and the participation of the audience is free.

The program is directed to those who want to have a life guided by the Word of God, regardless of their religion, age or sex.


The purpose of the Faith Show is to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the four corners of the world. Sustained by the faith and contribution of the sponsors, the program bears fruits daily: several testimonies are received by letters and e-mails, among other means.


Through divine inspiration and based on the Holy Scriptures, Missionary Soares teaches during the program, in a very clear and simple manner, the importance of believing in Christ and obeying and following His commandments.

Besides the ministering of the Word of God, the Faith Show also brings musical attractions from Graça Music, like artists such as Bruna Martins, David Soares, Dayane Damasceno, Fabiano Motta, Fernandes Lima, Pr. Jayme de Amorim Campos, among others.

Besides these, other daily presentments take part in the program: Real Life Drama, Ask the Missionary, Open Your Heart and Missions in Focus. On Thursdays, an episode of the cartoon “Midinho, the little missionary” is presented.

Technical staff

The technical staff of the program is composed of cinematographers, directors, editors, journalists, producers and soundmen. Besides the collaborators in São Paulo, there are also support teams in Curitiba/PR, Porto Alegre/RS, Rio de Janeiro/RJ and Salvador/BA.



> Faith Show Program

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