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12/05/2013 - Christian life, life without limits. Could it be?

Pr. Glauber Morare

Many believe that there are no limits for a Christian. Could this be true?

In the book of Zachariah 2:5, the Word of God declares that He is the wall and the glory of Jerusalem at the same time. Today, the Lord is a wall of fire around us; He is the limit and the supply of our life.

The problem begins when we are searching for the fulfillment of our wills and we think that we need more than that which He has determined for us. So then, we go beyond the limits and we begin to suffer unpleasant consequences.

First, we begin to feel tired, scared, dismay and weariness (Psalm 127:1,2). Then we become vulnerable to the actions of Hell, which are like snakes poison, which leads to death (Ecclesiastes 10:8).

The Lord´s limit is His Word. If you have exceeded this Wall, come back while you still can!

In the love of Christ,

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