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02/19/2013 - The secret of Jesus’ ministry

André Soares

Jesus, as the Son of God, apparently would not need to get up early in the morning, as we read in Mark 1:35, and pray to the Sovereign. But the Lord knew the importance of maintaining a constant relationship with the Heavenly Father.

Praying is not just a time to ask for God’s blessings and thank for those already granted. It’s mainly a way to cultivate a stable relationship with Him. It’s through this constant search for contact that we become more sensitive to perceiving the action of the Holy Spirit in our lives through our thoughts, impressions on the heart and the reading of His Word.

This was the “secret” of Jesus’ ministry: to turn the conversation with God into something to be done daily and constantly. “The secret of the Lord is with those that fear him; and He will show them His covenant “(Psalm 25.14).


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