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R. R. Soares

R. R. Soares grew up in Muniz Freire, in the countryside of the State of Espírito Santo. As a child, during a visit to a nearby town, he saw a TV set for the first time at a store window. Upon noticing that a crowd was standing in front of the store, completely fascinated by what they saw through that screen, he said a prayer: “Nobody is using this new invention to speak of the Lord my God. Give me the means and the opportunity and I will be on that screen speaking of Your love.”

On April 1964 R.R. Soares relocated to Rio de Janeiro. Four years later he would feel God’s calling. In order to serve Him he had to leave behind his dream of becoming a doctor and abandon the scholarship he had obtained to study at a Moscow university.

In November 1977, through its program which was aired on Tupi TV network, R.R. Soares started the greatest work of evangelism ever seen on a Brazilian television channel. Another dream blossomed in his heart: to talk about Jesus during primetime TV. Albeit the costs were exceedingly high, on December 1997, for the first time on Brazilian television, someone spoke of Christ during prime time.

Millions of people were saved by the power of God and miracles began to happen during his program, the “Faith Show”. The manifestation of His power was plain to see through the deliverance and healing of various diseases. It was the fulfillment of the Word that God had spoken to R.R. Soares’ heart when he turned down the scholarship in order to attend the ministerial calling: as a pastor he would be used to heal many more people and even lead them to heaven.

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