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The International Grace of God Church is a Brazilian ministry broadly known through its television program, the “Faith Show”, presented by the founder of the church, Missionary R.R. Soares.

The book “Healing the sick and Casting out Devils”, written by the American preacher T. L. Osborn, was a milestone in the ministerial life of R. R. Soares. After reading it, Missionary R.R. Soares understood – and went on to practice – the doctrine of ordaining. Through this tenet, the Church believes that you should not ask for God’s blessings, but rather claim them since they were already given to all mankind through the work Jesus did on the cross.

Since then, countless blessings have been poured out on the ministry of the International Grace of God Church. Today, the church is present throughout Brazil and in countries such as the United States, Portugal, India, South Africa and Japan, where the Word of God and the preaching of salvation are taken.

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